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Phil, Dancing with the Stars, LIVE with Regis and Kelly and other programs.

There's a chance that you might find more matches at Perfect than "green" dating sites because the membership base is so large. Veggie is not really a "green dating site" per se, but I'm adding it to this page because it seems to fit perfectly.

As the name implies, Veggie Connection is a site for vegetarians, vegans, raw-foodists, and macrobiotic diet followers.

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If you're interested in checking it out, click here to give it a try.

Green Singles started as a paper newsletter way back in 1985.

It’s a family-owned, privately held company that is operated by vegetarians. You can’t become a member of the site unless you’re truly green.

A screening process blocks applicants who don’t show a true interest in green living.

This article contains my reviews of some of the best places to meet single people who share your concerns about the earth, the environment, and sustainable and healthy living.


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    It’s free to download though and there will probably be increasing numbers of people using it in the coming months, so there’s nothing to lose by checking it out, plus you don’t need to fill in a profile or anything as it scrapes the data from your Facebook account.

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