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These days, most people know me as Shrug, a long-road rider who is equally long-winded and overly verbose in his descriptions of the events than comprise his road trips. Before the Alaskapade and my mom's trip, I had taken a few short road trips on my 2006 Harley-Davidson Wide Glide, but nothing worth writing about. Whether it's throwing a leg over the seat for an impromptu ride to just hang out Stokers Ice House or a fully planned-out road trip with complex GPS routing and other logistics, staring over the front wheel and looking at the road ahead stirs my soul.

Spodekill was a play on the words Spode and Roadkill.

Some non-riding people know the term "Spode" as a type of fine pottery.

In my world, Spode was a term for a goofball dirt bike rider with a predisposition for crashing..glorious style.

How the term "Spode" made its way into motorcycling is beyond me.

Spodefests were to our dirt bike world fifteen years ago what Shark Week is to me today.